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Clinicann is proud to be an important source for information on the growing Cannabis industry. Want to participate in a clinical study in your area? Need site monitoring or data management services? Need answers and information on State & Local Cannabis programs or want to stay engaged with Clinicann via our Blog? We provide valuable information to keep you posted of new developments in the industry. Visit our resource library.

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Ongoing Research is needed to give the greatest potential for medical or recreational use. You can contribute to your health and make a difference in the lives of others  by participating in a Clinical Research Study. Click here to find out more.

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Clinicann leads the way in upholding high QA standards. We understand regulatory requirements and we take pride in providing trusted, reliable monitoring. Wherever you are in the world, Clinicann is readily available to support clinical operations and quality assurance testing for our direct clients, their patients and products.

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is the key to promoting safe and responsible Cannabis use. Clinicann has a wealth of information in our Resource Library. Click here to engage with Clinicann, gain access to documented Real-Life Evidence and get great information via our Blog adopt into one of your programs all from our Clinically proven tested research.


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Let us do the extensive research for you. Discoveries are constantly being made through trial and error. Misinformation is common; but Clinicann wants to be sure you receive the most accurate, up-to-date information.

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Men, women, children, veterans and seniors are all eligible to participate in clinical studies. Individuals who participate in confidential authorized research study, learn of the impact Cannabis has on health- related symptoms. In some cases, pets may also participate in the studies.

You can contribute to positively impacting the lives of your neighbors. Join a clinical study and help test a variety of treatments based on your symptoms. Compensation is provided for your time. See if you qualify


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As a Cannabis Manufacturer/Dispensary, Doctor’s Office, Public Health organization or Research Facility, you can help us figure it out. Clinicann is certified and knowledgeable to help you create an effective clinical study program that is in compliant with FDA procedures and makes a positive impact in the community. Contact us today to find out how our partnership will help your business. Click here for more information.

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Cannabis is more widely used locally. But with more common use, how can we determine if someone is intoxicated? How can we ensure the public’s safety is not in jeopardy from a user operating a motor vehicle? What tools will the local police force use to protect its citizens? That’s why clinical studies are so important. You can help safeguard the safety of your neighbors! Join a Clinical Study. Clinical Research studies are available in your area.  Click here for more information.



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